Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rutger's kid

I suppose I'm not alone in feeling empathy for that Rutgers kid who was driven by humiliation to jump off the GWB. We live in a society where the line between private and public is blurred, and a growing ignorance among others to respect people's private lives. This is less about libel than about respect, and the general lack of respect we have for each other.
As a journalist, I'm guilty of invading private lives, too, but supposedly for a greater public good. I like to think so anyway. But moments like this make even hard boiled journalists reflect on our methods and our motives, as it should. No one should have to die because of what we do or expose. Justice should be just, not meanspirited.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tea partiers piss me off

The few tea party people I know personally are full of it. They start from the idea that they don't want to pay taxes, and figure out how to justify it by blaming everybody else.
In truth, these people want to do exactly what they want without restriction and dare anybody else to stop them. When people like me use government to keep these jerks under control, these jerks want to do away with government.