Friday, July 1, 2011

A sovereign citizen is just another name for a jerk

Friday, July 01, 2011

Life isn’t kind or fair, which is why I suppose some many people insist on doing whatever they like whenever they like regardless of the consequences – especially Americans.
Sovereign citizens like John Galt are basically selfish, self-centered people who can’t stand it when someone tells them they can’t have something.
Their kind used to hide behind laws like Jim Crow when they could misuse the government to get their way. But the moment, people use the law to actually make things fairer for everybody, these Sovereign Citizens jump ship and say laws are no good and governments are corrupt, when it is the John Galts of the world that are the problem.
Some idiot from Time Magazine released a book this week saying that America isn’t really in decline so much as that other nations like China are finally catching up.
This is a load of crap, of course, since the American Empire ended when Nixon visited China, and lured the Chinese over to the dark side of the force by encouraging them to become capitalists.
What makes America’s decline so dangerous is that one of these Sovereign Citizens might get it into his head to use America’s military superiority to stop the decline, making up with fire power what we lack in economic sense.
Bank of America – which I consider among the most evil institutions in the world – hurried us down this dark road when it decided to give mortgages to people who could not afford to pay for them, and then deliberately bundled the bad debt with good debt so that the world economy collapsed.
Despite this fraud, none of its board members or administrators went to jail – yet I’m sure some of the family members who got dumped out of their homes and turned to crime did.
My primary doctor this week notified me that for a mere $100 a month, I can have complete access to him and his staff, complete with cell phones, emails and such. This explains why it sometimes takes days to actually reach the doctor to make an appoint, a kind of fraud in its own right that holds my health hostage until I pay more than my insurance carrier says I should.
This is not the worst case. Private doctors have been picking and choosing their patients for years, a criminal act that no grand jury will indict them for, and no one from the American Medical Association will ever condemn, regardless of how many people die from lack of medical care as a result.
Meanwhile, the guy in the White House who is supposed to be looking out for our interests is more interested in nation building than in justice, violating every principal of American values in order to play Dirty Harry.
For a brief time after Obama’s election, I had regained hope that the system works, but I realize that it doesn’t. That the political system is thick with John Galts on both sides, people who have no respect for the letter of the law and do exactly what they wish when they wish, and dare you to tell them they can’t.
We praise guys who torture people because the people they torture are supposedly terrorists.
To be honest, I can’t tell the difference between the guys we praise and the guys we torture, and neither can the people participating in these crimes – a least not without a scorecard to tell which player is on which team.
The only thing I’m certain of is that none of these people are on my team, despite the fact that the president and his cronies are doing this in my name, and with my vote.